Immigration Services

Aspire Visa Attorneys offers expert attorney advice to guide you on your immigration journey. Our business model is very different from what you may find with other attorneys and law firms because we strive to provide the service you need, which may not always be full-service representation. This allows us to offer our services in a unique, unbundled, and personalized way. 



In order to make sure your attorney is available, we use an automated calendaring system that is easy to use and ensures that your AVA attorney is fully dedicated to you when working on your immigration matters.


Our services are outlined below, and we look forward to helping you on your immigration journey!

Consultation Services

$300 | 1 Hour

AVA provides expert attorney advice to you that is easy to schedule at any time.

These consultations can cover a wide range of topics, from answering questions about status to preparing for a career or opening a business. If you are unsure of the service you’ll need, this option is the best choice. Some examples of consultation topics are:

  • Career Planning

  • Visa Options

  • Rights & Obligations

  • General Consultation

  • Which path is right for me? 

**The purpose of an initial consultation is for the attorney to advise you, the prospective client, what, if anything, may be done for you, and what the minimum fee will be. The purpose is not to render a definitive legal opinion, as it may be impossible to fully assess a matter within the time frame allotted for a consultation or with the information or documents
that you provided to the attorney at the initial consultation.**

Attorney Follow-Up Services

$385 | 1 Hour

After a consultation, we understand you may have additional questions or your case may require further discussion/follow-up, but you are not yet ready to retain us for the case.


In these cases, we are happy to provide service at our standard hourly rate.