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Business-Based Immigration Services

Recruiting, hiring and keeping professional employees with the skill sets you need is time-intensive and expensive. The attorneys at AVA can help you optimize your chances of keeping valuable employees, reduce processing delays, and minimize your chances of losing an employee due to immigration issues. Our team ensures consistent communication on immigration cases, so that you and your employees can be assured that the immigration case is on track. This helps you maximize employee productivity and satisfaction, which boosts your retention of key personnel.

Employment-Based Permanent Residence

AVA provides a comprehensive range of services relating to employment-based permanent residence, including:

• Streamlined green card processing for employers seeking creative ways to attract and retain highly skilled or valuable employees, including structuring high-volume filings

• Green cards for entrepreneurs and for multinational managers or executives

• Customized strategies for individuals who would like to upgrade from EB-3 to EB-2

• Fast-track petitions for university personnel, professors, and researchers: (click here to learn more)

• Green cards for religious workers

Employment Based Non-Immigrant Visas (work and business visas)

AVA also provides a comprehensive range of services to support individuals and corporations in obtaining work and business-related visas. These include, but are not limited to, the following temporary work visas:

• For professionals (including H-1Bs, E-3s for citizens of Australia, and TNs for citizens of Mexico or Canada)

• For investors (E-1/E-2 for treaty traders/investors)

• J-1 visas for intercultural exchange, including waivers of the J-1 two year home residency requirement

• L-1A and L-1B for multinational transferees – managers/executives or specialized knowledge

• O-1 for aliens of extraordinary ability

• P for athletes and performing artists

• R visas for religious workers

Whether you are an employer looking for the perfect candidate or an employee looking to make a career move, set up an appointment with AVA today to discuss all of your business-based immigration needs here.

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